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On the 4th November 2015 six members of the group Straight Edge Madrid (SxE Madrid) were arrested and charged by the Spanish Audiencia Nacional, a national court of exception (based in Madrid) that deals with terror charges. Their only crime is their ideas: anarchist, vegan and against all drugs. They have been targeted for their work as organisers of hardcore punk concerts thought which they promote healthy, drug-free leisure activities for young people. The required legal rights of detainees were not respected during the arrest. Following the repressive police operation, four of the arrested were released on ball (3.000 to 10.000€ each), and the two others were imprisoned preventative pending trial. One of them was Nahuel (Juan Manuel Bustamante Vergara), who to this day remains a hostage of the State in the special detention system "FIES 3" Articulated. This system targets those considered “dangerous or conflictive”. His time in prison is exceptionally brutal: he has been in isolation for 30 days, he has been transferred without being given the required 24 hours notice and he has had his communications restricted and controlled. Furthermore he has been denied his legal right to be given vegan food for 16 weeks. The aim of all this is none other than the disconnection and maladjustment of Nahuel. Throughout this time the investigation has been kept under a gag order, stopping the lawyers of the accused from knowing what their clients were charged with, hence violating their right to a proper legal defence. At the same time the Spanish State Regime”s media outlets had access to the very information the accused and their lawyers were refused access to. The operation against SxE Madrid is the latest in a series of attacks young people engaged in social change in the Spanish state. Most recently Operations Pandora and Piñata have seen down raids on squatting social centres and dozens of arrests. There is a clear ideological persecution against those who dissent and we are sure the accused are innocent. For all these reasons we demand the liberation of Nahuel and the acquittal of all the defendants. 


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